Payment Methods

Bank Account Deposit

The customer-buyer can pay the cost of the ordered goods plus any additional charges and overheads as a deposit to the following bank accounts.

Bank: Alpha Bank
Bank account: 277-00-2002-004623
IBAN: GR87 0140 2770 2770 0200 2004 623

Bank: Eurobank
Bank account: 0026.0205.72.0200450760
IBAN: GR15 0260 2050 0007 2020 0450 760

Regardless of whether the payment is made at a bank branch or via e-banking, the customer has to deposit the whole order amount and the agreed additional charges and overheads and moreover has to enter in the “Reason to Beneficiary” field his/her name and the order number.

The proof of payment must be sent via email to the following address: [email protected].

The payment is expected to be verifies within 2-3 business days after the payment and afterwards the available products will be shipped.

The customer is the sole responsible for correctly registering the bank account number and the Company shall not assume reponsibility for any errors.

Open Credit

Open credit is available as long as your company is granted this option.